AminoProtein R&D 2551

        An AminoProtein R&D 2551 is a phytohormone activator that invented and research by Mr. Gon Sukkasem (Master Degree of Science (Agriculture)) which extracted from bee products. The principal ingredient of the AminoProtein R&D 2551 activates the generation and development of each organ that affects the growth of the plant. There is doing property dissolves physical and the physics of the mineral in the earth and the water. It has become apparent that it promotes healthy natural growth in plants, improves the content composition of crops and works to decrease the nitrate nitrogen content. It has attracted attention as a material that can deal with the various changes in the environment of present day crop cultivation. Moreover, it contains the oligosaccharide element and is expected to improve the resistance to pests as an elicitor (biophylactic element of plants). AminoProtein R&D 2551 is a physiologically active substance of pollution-free new materials which aim at improving the quality of agricultural products that do not have healthy growth, thus increasing the income.

        Action of AminoProtein R&D 2551

  • AminoProtein R&D 2551, which is the growth regulating substance of the plants and nourishment for the plant has a synergistic effect.
  • It promotes mitogenesis, nutrient absorption, survival after plantation, rhizogenesis and protein synthesis and also demonstrates a facilitators effect on the growth of rice seedlings.
  • AminoProtein R&D 2551 is different from pesticides and fertilizers. It has a combination of hormone action that promotes plant growth and the amino acid which is a nutrient element of plants, leading to their synergistic effect, such as, a ccelerates cell division, a ccelerates rhizogenesis and prevents the aging of the leaf for instance, it promotes the bud formation and auxiliary bud growth.
  • In case of vegetative growth type leafy vegetables (rice, corn, banana, chili, sugarcane and cassava) it fights in the first half of growth with a central focus on basal fertilizer. They have advanced from vegetative growth to the second stage of reproduction growth by dividing into various stages such as root formation, leaf formation and advancement to gain yield.
  • It is used in fruits (Tangerine, Durian, Rambutan and Longan) that have simultaneous vegetative growth and reproductive growth so that the leaves growing near the fruit can be larger.
  • It is use in rubber tree that have improvement production rate in field latex and good quality of texture.
  • AminoProtein R&D 2551 have helping the growth of plants and effective microbial which cause decreasing fertilizer and chemical pesticides application. It contributes to the prevention of global warming throughout the cropping season is based on pursing a variety which has an all together good appearance and a good quality.


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